Inguma 0.4 out of the door!

Added by David Martínez Moreno over 6 years ago

After three months of development, our first scheduled release is hot and waiting for you to test it.

The biggest changes are:

  • The GUI has been modified and cleaned in order to give more space to the most active areas like the network map, the RCE interface or the exploits/fuzzing areas.
  • We have updated Bokken subproject to the last stable version available, v1.0. It features an interactive mode, better code disassembly and analysis and better integration with Inguma's GUI. More information about Bokken can be found here.
  • The systray functionality allows now to hide the Inguma GUI while it's working and it will warn you once the running modules have finished.
  • A new fuzzing tab has been added to the Exploits workspace with two different fuzzers: Krash and Scapy.
  • The CLI interface has received some attention again and a few new shortcuts like '?' for help or '..' to go back to the main menu are now available in nearly all the modules.
  • Inguma CLI now works better on MacOS with autocompletion and key bindings.
  • All the fuzzing modules are now under the fuzzers category and have been fixed.
  • Minor changes here and there.
  • Lots of code refactoring and bugs fixed.

Go to the development blog post for screenshots and further information!!

We are trying to commit to a 3-month schedule for releases, and this is the first one. Inguma 0.5 is scheduled for Dec 13th, so hopefully before Christmas you will have yet another version to play with.


New Inguma 0.3 released! (4 comments)

Added by Hugo Teso Torío almost 7 years ago

The 0.3 release is out!

After many months of fixing bugs, adding new features and lots of other changes, like moving the project's site, we are proud to release this new version. Review the most important new features at the blog release post or read the more fine tuned list of changes by reading the commits at the Repository tag.

Remember to give us as much feedback as you want at the project's mailing lists and keep informed at Ingumito's twitter account.

Mailing lists, at last!

Added by David Martínez Moreno almost 7 years ago

We have been trying to deal with the fact that the developers are in different timezones. IRC is not enough, so we installed mailman and added two mailing lists to the project:
  • inguma-announce: New releases, and such things. Low traffic.
  • inguma-devel: Current development and management of the project.

New Dev Team member

Added by Hugo Teso Torío over 7 years ago

David Martínez joins the development team.

Among other things, he will bring the administrators point of view on how Inguma can be useful to keep systems secure, review syntax errors and, of course, code improvements.

It's nice to have you with us.


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