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128ImprovementNewNormalUnify quit() methods in one.11/06/2012 12:32Normal0.5
127BugNewNormalCtrl-Q brings tcptrace instead of presenting the Exit dialog.11/06/2012 11:25Normal0.5
125BugNewNormalRepeating portscan scanner gets the wrong string for Type and does not check input.David Martínez Moreno07/06/2012 12:17Normal0.5
118ImprovementNewHighRemove dotcore from KB and add on-demand parsing to ginguma.Hugo Teso Torío25/05/2012 11:41Normal0.5
117ImprovementIn ProgressNormalRemove user_data use from code.David Martínez Moreno11/06/2012 21:44Normal0.5
116ImprovementIn ProgressNormalConvert ginguma KB load/save/... code to lib/ Martínez Moreno05/05/2012 12:06Normal0.5
115BugNewNormalFix dependency detectionHugo Teso Torío16/04/2012 16:19Serious0.5
112BugNewNormalAudit and remove all the unsafe file writes in /tmp.David Martínez Moreno25/01/2012 06:18Normal0.5
110BugNewNormalConsole error and occasional segfaults when updating list of modules in execution. David Martínez Moreno11/01/2012 18:49Normal0.5
107ImprovementIn ProgressNormalRemove globals from the code.David Martínez Moreno07/01/2012 17:24Normal0.5
101BugIn ProgressNormalRewrite nmap_fp module in Scapy to support nmap v2.David Martínez Moreno03/12/2011 00:36Normal0.5
95BugIn ProgressNormaldnsspoof module: global name 'IP' not definedDavid Martínez Moreno27/11/2011 19:35Normal0.5
91FeatureIn ProgressNormalImport Bokken 1.6 into Inguma.Hugo Teso Torío11/06/2012 22:10Serious0.5
65BugIn ProgressNormalp0f module doesn't seem to workHugo Teso Torío07/11/2011 18:57Normal0.5
55FeatureNewLowUse system-wide DBs instead of downloading everything.12/08/2011 16:54Normal0.5
51BugIn ProgressHighConvert functions that download in local directory to save in the user's homedir.David Martínez Moreno19/09/2011 19:40Serious0.5
49BugNewNormalPython string exceptions no more allowed in Python 2.6.19/09/2011 09:09Serious0.5
32FeatureNewNormalAdd and reorganize modules for local networksHugo Teso Torío12/08/2011 16:54Normal0.5
31FeatureNewNormalNew graph for local networksHugo Teso Torío12/08/2011 16:54Normal0.5
28ImprovementIn ProgressNormalThird Party: Identify external dependencies and embedded code.Hugo Teso Torío19/09/2011 19:40Normal0.5
26BugIn ProgressNormalGraphical UI: Preferences updates tab buttons validations seems brokenHugo Teso Torío13/09/2011 14:44Normal0.5
22ImprovementNewNormalSave and recover outputHugo Teso Torío19/08/2011 10:02Normal0.5
20ImprovementNewNormalImprove port scannersHugo Teso Torío12/08/2011 16:54Normal0.5
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100BugNewNormalGather::Rainbow module - Connection refused16/11/2011 20:04Normal
97BugNewNormalError in "report" module - concatenation of str and tuple08/11/2011 18:41Normal
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