From 13/05/2012 to 11/06/2012


22:10 Feature #91: Import Bokken 1.6 into Inguma.
In the meantime we released Inguma 1.6, modified title. David Martínez Moreno
21:44 Improvement #117 (In Progress): Remove user_data use from code.
Work already started in commits commit:ecb3b46162ee,commit:4cfa171a06e5, commit:84eb98b3b34c and commit:87d63c65ae23. David Martínez Moreno
17:40 Revision 459:d60ae8a8ad36: Fix dot file erase on program exit
Fix graph update after some data load Hugo Teso Torío
16:01 Revision 458:d5f5d9ececf8: Fix graph update after load/import KB or scan.
Hugo Teso Torío
12:32 Improvement #128 (New): Unify quit() methods in one.
In ginguma there're at least two (if not more) methods for quitting the main application. The logic for destroying t... David Martínez Moreno
11:25 Bug #127 (New): Ctrl-Q brings tcptrace instead of presenting the Exit dialog.
For some reason the shortcut for quitting Ginguma is Ctrl-Q, but pressing it brings the tcptrace dialog and not the Y... David Martínez Moreno


12:12 Revision 457:d5c239cc2694: Added wrappers for ginguma...I forgot it! (closes #114).
David Martínez Moreno
12:05 Revision 456:4ca67af44c6c: Added wrappers for Windows and Unix to overcome newer systems with "py...
David Martínez Moreno
12:05 Bug #114 (Closed): Fix python path detection
Applied in changeset commit:4ca67af44c6c. David Martínez Moreno
07:47 Bug #114 (In Progress): Fix python path detection
David Martínez Moreno


21:09 Bug #111 (Closed): Convert all code to GPLv2+
Applied in changeset commit:d0eb446e88bb. David Martínez Moreno
19:56 Bug #111 (In Progress): Convert all code to GPLv2+
David Martínez Moreno
21:09 Revision 455:ca4f1dfeee2b: Merge with Hugo.
David Martínez Moreno
21:08 Revision 454:6295596eabf4: Added missing Changelog entries.
David Martínez Moreno
21:06 Revision 453:d0eb446e88bb: Normalize GPL licensing to GPL2 or later, under permission from Joxean...
David Martínez Moreno


13:58 Revision 452:8a568c4f7bff: Give back loadKB and saveKB methods until the new from lib.kb work
Hugo Teso Torío
13:14 Revision 451:0d1baf13dfea: merge
Hugo Teso Torío
13:13 Revision 450:df4495c1b93c: Removed "dotcode" from KB and stored in tmp files
Must be tested extensively
Fixed calls to update_tree, now are update_targets_treRemoved "dotcode" from KB and stored...
Hugo Teso Torío
13:00 Bug #124 (Closed): Gather/identify does not work.
Applied in changeset commit:de8e722535e4. David Martínez Moreno
12:59 Revision 449:de8e722535e4: Fix a couple of broken modules. NmapFp due to overgreedy regexp in r4...
David Martínez Moreno
04:32 Improvement #126 (Closed): Set default button in gtk.MessageDialogs to prevent inconsistent behav...
Applied in changeset commit:70b9e2d47186. David Martínez Moreno
04:04 Improvement #126 (Closed): Set default button in gtk.MessageDialogs to prevent inconsistent behav...
The explanation is in David Martínez Moreno
04:27 Revision 448:70b9e2d47186: Fix all the BUTTONS_YES_NO dialogs by setting the affirmative button a...
David Martínez Moreno


12:21 Revision 447:230638551503: Concatenate correctly integers.
David Martínez Moreno
12:17 Bug #125 (New): Repeating portscan scanner gets the wrong string for Type and does not check input.
sudo ./
Add as a target, disable Audit host.
Run on the node Gathers...Scanners...portscan, typ...
David Martínez Moreno
12:12 Bug #124 (Closed): Gather/identify does not work.
sudo ./
Add as a target, disable Audit host.
Run on the node Gathers...Scanners...identify.
David Martínez Moreno


09:03 Bug #122 (Closed): Systray menu broken
Applied in changeset commit:b4055ae75639. David Martínez Moreno
09:03 Revision 446:b4055ae75639: Fix _quit method in systray icon (closes #122).
David Martínez Moreno
05:11 Bug #123 (Closed): CPortScan module broken
Applied in changeset commit:1b0e6336a64b. David Martínez Moreno
05:10 Revision 445:1b0e6336a64b: Add mac attribute (closes #123).
David Martínez Moreno


18:47 Bug #123 (Closed): CPortScan module broken
CPortScan module is broken.
Steps to reproduce the error:
* Start as root:
inguma> target="...
Hugo Teso Torío
18:40 Bug #122 (Closed): Systray menu broken
Systray menu (right click) is broken.
To reproduce the error:
* Start GInguma
* Right click over "ingumito" sy...
Hugo Teso Torío


16:16 Revision 444:0cbbc53886bd: merge
Hugo Teso Torío
16:15 Revision 443:94ef74b8a25d: Added visual feedback for connection recived on listeners.
Tried to fix some socket closing issues. Hugo Teso Torío


11:41 Improvement #118 (New): Remove dotcore from KB and add on-demand parsing to ginguma.
Ginguma relies on an attribute called dotcore in the KB to display the xdot graph, but if the KB has been created wit... David Martínez Moreno
11:06 Revision 442:87d63c65ae23: Moved ginguma to use lib.kb (mostly). There are still rough edges aro...
David Martínez Moreno


10:16 Revision 441:1c8662374519: Fixed errors when clicking in the empty spaces of the right tree.
David Martínez Moreno

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