From 21/08/2011 to 19/09/2011


19:06 Revision 334:9a53a4c1859b: Added release checklist.
David Martínez Moreno
18:21 Inguma 0.4 out of the door!
After three months of development, our first scheduled release is hot and waiting for you to test it.
The biggest ...
David Martínez Moreno
09:33 Bug #65 (Closed): p0f module doesn't seem to work
Sebastien Damaye
09:33 Bug #65: p0f module doesn't seem to work
It works now. I've closed the issue Sebastien Damaye
09:27 Bug #66 (Closed): rpcdump - cannot concatenate 'str' and 'int' objects
I can't neither reproduce the issue. I've closed the issue. Sebastien Damaye
09:09 Bug #49: Python string exceptions no more allowed in Python 2.6.
With the removal of lib/debugger and other old libraries in 0.4, the count went down to 52 occurrences. David Martínez Moreno


10:15 Revision 333:6c19eefcdd65: Prepare Changelog for the 0.5 release.
David Martínez Moreno
10:01 Revision 332:f0783b1af45a: Tagged 0.4 release.
David Martínez Moreno


09:12 inguma-0.4.tar.gz
Inguma 0.4 release Hugo Teso Torío
09:09 Revision 331:019d517b8f12: Updated Changelog
Hugo Teso Torío
08:48 Revision 330:c72e2f31f7ac: Removed debugger from the release
Hugo Teso Torío


14:24 Revision 329:a20d44c025b5: Fixed new statusbar elements position and order
Hugo Teso Torío
14:24 Revision 328:1edd257c3766: Updated About dialog and logo/splash images
Added new artist (thanks Juanje) Hugo Teso Torío
14:02 Revision 327:25838464a7f1: Fixed nmapfp module
Scapy didn't properly modified path to nmap fingerprint database Hugo Teso Torío


16:07 Bug #64 (Feedback): Error importing python modules
David Martínez Moreno
10:20 Bug #64 (In Progress): Error importing python modules
The errors like:
"init() takes at least 4 arguments (1 given)"
are due to the improper use of scapy; instead of...
Hugo Teso Torío
16:06 Improvement #68: Change exploit permissions
Pointer, please? David Martínez Moreno
15:59 Improvement #68 (In Progress): Change exploit permissions
I couldn't find a suitable way for this; in fact I found information saying it's not possible. Hugo Teso Torío
15:55 Improvement #54 (Closed): Make the Logs tab flash when new logs arrive.
Applied in changeset commit:0b4e37d76dc1. Hugo Teso Torío
15:55 Improvement #62 (Closed): Split run() method in CGeoIP into print_summary().
Applied in changeset commit:5114c9fc4a38. Hugo Teso Torío
15:55 Bug #70 (Closed): Error dump when trying to close the Load KB dialog.
Applied in changeset commit:0e2126864e8c. Hugo Teso Torío
15:26 Revision 326:70de0084876d: Improved status bar with new contents
Hugo Teso Torío
15:25 Revision 325:00ec923385a2: Fixed systray notifications
Changed systray icon Hugo Teso Torío
11:56 Revision 324:0b4e37d76dc1: Alert when new content is added to the log tab. Closes #54
Hugo Teso Torío
11:31 Revision 323:5114c9fc4a38: Added print_summary to GeoIP module. Closes #62
Hugo Teso Torío
10:50 Revision 322:0e2126864e8c: Fixed closing load KB dialog. Closes #70
Some code cleaning Hugo Teso Torío
10:41 Bug #66 (In Progress): rpcdump - cannot concatenate 'str' and 'int' objects
Could you, please, send the same poc running inguma with the '-d' parameter? That would give us more information rega... Hugo Teso Torío
10:24 Bug #65 (In Progress): p0f module doesn't seem to work
It works for me; I will try with a wireless connection to see if the error is there. Hugo Teso Torío


16:20 Bug #58 (Closed): Use dependency checks on GTKSourceView to disable import of module.
Applied in changeset commit:cfcfd12d0614. Hugo Teso Torío
16:20 Bug #69 (Closed): Retrying a download currently happening breaks the flow.
Applied in changeset commit:2ba5c86bf00b. Hugo Teso Torío
16:20 Bug #67 (Closed): Download exploits without os.chdir
Applied in changeset commit:fbf514eda9b7. Hugo Teso Torío
15:29 Revision 321:cfcfd12d0614: Fixed startup error if not sourceview available. Closes #58
Fixed tab switch behavior regarding bottom_nb visibility Hugo Teso Torío
14:11 Revision 320:2ba5c86bf00b: Download buttons disabled until download completes. Closes #69
Hugo Teso Torío
13:59 Revision 319:fbf514eda9b7: Fixed exploit download process. Closes #67
Renamed propDialog to preferences_dialog Hugo Teso Torío
13:37 Revision 318:c7df184aabae: Fixed bug in Save KB
Hugo Teso Torío


16:39 Revision 317:f84bf1b4428f: Added systray with basic functionality
Make throbber work on inguma
Created new about dialog file
Renamed output manager file
Hugo Teso Torío


17:38 Bug #70 (Closed): Error dump when trying to close the Load KB dialog.
Affected revision: r316.
Steps to reproduce:
- Launch Ginguma.
- Click on Load KB button.
- Close either with E...
David Martínez Moreno
17:21 Revision 316:170b0d3953e9: Make preferences button modal to avoid launching n copies of it. Fixe...
David Martínez Moreno
10:29 Revision 315:5615ea277829: Found and removed a debug line in Bokken.
David Martínez Moreno
08:34 Bug #69 (Closed): Retrying a download currently happening breaks the flow.
When a download is happening in the background, if we retry to download/update the same DB it breaks, due to the way ... David Martínez Moreno


21:39 Improvement #68 (In Progress): Change exploit permissions
We have to change all exploits file permissions while uncompressing them instead of doing it just before using/editin... Hugo Teso Torío
21:37 Bug #67 (Closed): Download exploits without os.chdir
We have to change the way exploits are downloaded at the "data" directory without using "os.chdir" to avoid GUI crash... Hugo Teso Torío
13:47 Bug #59 (Closed): Remove shebang lines from Bokken.
Applied in changeset commit:41e7b7d41b7d. David Martínez Moreno
13:45 Revision 314:f3371877db6d: Fixed the om issue in the constructor.
Hugo Teso Torío
13:28 Improvement #63 (Closed): Update to Bokken 1.0
Updated on Revision r307, I forgot to close from the commit log :P Hugo Teso Torío

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