From 15/05/2011 to 13/06/2011


10:17 Revision 217:ad5370a900e8: Added tag 0.3 for changeset 1eb60f6d5317
David Martínez Moreno
09:29 New Inguma 0.3 released!
The 0.3 release is out!
After many months of fixing bugs, adding new features and lots of other changes, like movi...
Hugo Teso Torío
09:21 inguma-0.3.tar.gz
Inguma 0.3 release Hugo Teso Torío


09:24 Revision 216:1eb60f6d5317: Updated THANKS file
Hugo Teso Torío
09:07 Revision 215:569f321cc605: Added new splash image
Hugo Teso Torío


13:08 Revision 214:f9f11ef98342: Added icon to main window
Hugo Teso Torío


10:36 Revision 213:2415ef5bf4ac: Added icon
Hugo Teso Torío


10:51 Revision 212:f26a39cf54d4: Minor changes before 0.3 release
Hugo Teso Torío
10:51 Revision 211:b86762eb5674: Fixed bug in Windows with gtkrc
Hugo Teso Torío


15:44 Improvement #30 (Closed): Preliminary Windows support
Inguma 0.3 works *partially* over Windows 7/XP and the bugs that must be solved to achieve 100% compatibility have be... Hugo Teso Torío
14:39 Feature #35 (Closed): Add new graph for IP geopositioning
Hugo Teso Torío
08:30 Feature #35: Add new graph for IP geopositioning
This issue was closed with revision r171. I forgot to close the issue with the commit :P Hugo Teso Torío
08:28 Bug #8 (Closed): Fix local network node placement
This improvement is now included within issue #31 wich aims to create a new graph just for local networks. Hugo Teso Torío
07:23 Revision 210:5bc9a3595135: Typos and small corrections.
David Martínez Moreno


21:20 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support
Prepping for 0.3. Hugo has some comments on this issue before closing it. David Martínez Moreno
21:16 Improvement #28: Third Party: Identify external dependencies and embedded code.
Hugo, could you please update debian/copyright and CREDITS/INSTALL with the new additions (and removals)? David Martínez Moreno
17:08 Revision 209:e80e7ad5500d: Improved Windows compatibility when working with paths. #30
Hugo Teso Torío
16:59 Revision 208:eda0f679e38a: Fixes the path of GeoIP DB presence check. #51
Hugo Teso Torío
16:32 Bug #3 (Closed): Fix node overlap at neato graphs
Applied in changeset commit:1c12a42a60d9. Hugo Teso Torío
16:30 Revision 207:1c12a42a60d9: Fixes #3 Modified dotgen to avoid overlaping.
Removing "fixedsize" makes the node grow to fit the label. Hugo Teso Torío
08:36 Revision 206:015cea1c5f2e: Updated bokken with thread execution for plugins
Some eye candy on topbuttons Hugo Teso Torío


13:52 Revision 205:d8a2cd331359: Fixed throbber start status
Hugo Teso Torío
11:33 Revision 204:28fb0d89f879: Fixed libdistorm download URL
Hugo Teso Torío
Hugo Teso Torío
11:07 Revision 203:4a132f529c3e: REALLY fixed xdot import
Hugo Teso Torío


17:23 Revision 202:6fe14565c9cb: Fixed xdot import
Hugo Teso Torío
16:48 Revision 201:64913a6845bc: Improved bokken file_dialog
Hugo Teso Torío
16:35 Revision 200:94878628bbe9: Protect libdistorm checks based on the platform
Hugo Teso Torío
16:05 Revision 199:67fca87b6e6f: Added distorm download to propDialog
Added distorm check when loading RCE tab Hugo Teso Torío
libdistorm64 amd64 Hugo Teso Torío


23:07 Revision 198:8b2b3bd412a7: Controlled tidy import to avoid crashing if not installed
Hugo Teso Torío


16:52 Revision 197:13b6dc87d318: Fixed bokken url plugin
Hugo Teso Torío
16:28 Revision 196:2ef47a950102: Temporary workaround to load libdistorm
Hugo Teso Torío
15:56 Revision 195:9578832f0824: Fixed path to load some pyew libs
Hugo Teso Torío
15:08 Revision 194:d7cc57ad458c: Bug fixing and bokken integration
Hugo Teso Torío
11:51 Revision 193:5a8eeeed4fc7: Initial steps towards bokken integration
Hugo Teso Torío
10:55 Revision 192:504bce699081: Added bokken files
Removed opendis files
Minor code clean at lib/ui/
Hugo Teso Torío


01:50 Revision 191:9e9c49731c13: Convert libAutosave to the new get_profile_file_path() method in lib/c...
removed redundant functions, and rewrite the code to be compliant with our
guidelines (#51).
David Martínez Moreno

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