From 02/03/2011 to 31/03/2011


13:26 Revision 154:0b7358302f9b: Added 'Elapsed time' to threads list
Hugo Teso Torío
09:22 Revision 153:41e3152f883d: Fixed OutputManager behavior
Coff coff test before commit coff coff :P Hugo Teso Torío


23:59 Revision 152:99940fb7abd2: Do the change in r148 for real...I'm still a newbie with Mercurial.
David Martínez Moreno
23:46 Revision 151:7db37c976cd1: Merged remote changes
David Martínez Moreno
23:46 Revision 150:68a1bab150f1: Merged remote changes
David Martínez Moreno
23:37 Revision 149:86608a0f1c42: Merged remote changes
David Martínez Moreno
23:04 Revision 148:de2325c8593e: Fixed a legitimate use case: running inguma without pygtk installed. ...
David Martínez Moreno
23:02 Revision 146:a544fb39a42d: speed up loop here, this changes should speed up modules loading
Sofian Brabez


14:52 Revision 145:25f83ac4bb18: First fixes to add Windows support (Javier Sanchez)
Minor fix in nmap profiles Hugo Teso Torío


00:10 Feature #32: Add and reorganize modules for local networks

Im currently testing modules using the cmd interface, i allready saw some improvements that can be done on arping, ...
Javier Sánchez Llera
14:42 Revision 144:5ee31bd3bfab: Experimental node remove functionality
Ctrl + Right click over target to launch Hugo Teso Torío
11:47 Revision 143:52c9a298380a: Fixed nmap traceroute parsing
It was working bad since dotgen refactoring Hugo Teso Torío


18:51 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support
Javier, could you please stop pasting the diff in cleartext on the issue? Apart from losing all the formatting, you ... David Martínez Moreno
09:59 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

Ok, imported the config lib and use config variables setup on dependencyCheck to import vte if available.
Javier Sánchez Llera
09:23 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

The dependency check works fine, ill add a check for nmap on windows (/usr/bin)
Javier Sánchez Llera
09:18 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

I had to add the checks or the app wont even start.
Ok, tried to add some internal hosts and everything worked, ...
Javier Sánchez Llera
09:08 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support
Nice work!
As I told before, dependencyCheck should disable all VTE functionalities if it doesn't find the widget ...
Hugo Teso Torío
08:56 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

Ok, its working rigth now. I setup a new vmware system and after making some changes to avoid vte import on win32, ...
Javier Sánchez Llera


16:10 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

Only need grapviz, allready installed the windows bin from
Javier Sánchez Llera
15:58 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

Seems like the pythowin i was using is crap, the gui form the cmdline shows no strange behaviour.
Javier Sánchez Llera
15:43 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

.. .-X i executed 2 times the gui, with different results.
The first one stops on scapy check without giving any...
Javier Sánchez Llera
15:04 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

Im trying to run the gui without disabling dependencyCheck function. Im stuck
on scapy checks, initially on a war...
Javier Sánchez Llera


00:17 Feature #48 (Closed): module execution without setting parameters

Most of the variables are set after execution on the modules, so doest make sense to add functions to check the syn...
Javier Sánchez Llera
16:06 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

Ok, i removed this line two times and now i get a functional gui except the net map (expected). ->
# s...
Javier Sánchez Llera
15:44 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

The dependencycheck when active, hangs the execution here.
Again, rigth now im trying to run th gui with all the d...
Javier Sánchez Llera
15:42 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

Ok, i removed some lines on lib/ui/ but now im stuck here.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File ...
Javier Sánchez Llera
15:33 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support
"lib/ui/" already disables all terminal functionalities if VTE is not available so GInguma should w... Hugo Teso Torío
09:02 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support
VTE is the terminal emulator plugin used inside GInguma to create terminals and launch all terminal based modules (li... Hugo Teso Torío


22:45 Improvement #30 (In Progress): Preliminary Windows support
As far as I remember, vte is mostly used for coloring output at startup, unless Hugo says otherwise. We could fallba... David Martínez Moreno
01:19 Feature #48: module execution without setting parameters

def runInterfaceCommand(res):
if not runCommand(res, locals()):
Javier Sánchez Llera
01:14 Feature #48 (Closed): module execution without setting parameters
Module execution must validate that all needed parameters are set and its value are at least syntactically correct.
Javier Sánchez Llera


22:54 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

The command line is functional,but for some reason it doesnt detect the scapy installation.
Javier Sánchez Llera
22:28 Improvement #30: Preliminary Windows support

Seems like there is not vte module available for windows. I found the pygtk on the gnome ftp, but could fo ruther t...
Javier Sánchez Llera


23:23 Improvement #20: Improve port scanners
I think this title is very vague, could you please split this task into several ones or narrow its goal a bit? David Martínez Moreno
16:17 Revision 142:512a30b08dec: Improved saveKB
I won't ask every time the file name Hugo Teso Torío
16:00 Revision 141:4f3b1cc5ab74: More graph code refactoring
Hugo Teso Torío
08:37 Revision 140:a7887aa094f6: Initial refactoring of graph code generation.
Hugo Teso Torío
08:36 Revision 139:94aa4d0e018a: Minor bug fixing.
Check if autosaved.kb exists before removing. Hugo Teso Torío
08:35 Revision 138:92add548e4c9: Added import list of hosts.
Comma separated list with csv extension. Hugo Teso Torío


22:28 Improvement #47 (In Progress): Core: libmsf to handle payload generation through the msf xmlrpc api
Inguma need to be able to generate payload using metasploit XMLRPC API [1] in order to got payload only from python.
15:53 Revision 137:78c3b6635f4d: Added single host report at nodeMenu
Hugo Teso Torío

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