From 20/12/2010 to 18/01/2011


23:46 Bug #25 (Closed): Dis: Error when opening a binary when a .kb already exists
Applied in changeset r101. Anonymous
23:24 Bug #25 (Closed): Dis: Error when opening a binary when a .kb already exists
* Reproduction Steps:
1. Start ginguma with ./
2. Open RCE tab
3. Load a binary who have an existing kn...
23:46 Revision 101:92698e508645: closes #25 handle error raised by shutil.move and os.mkdir during crea...
Sofian Brabez
22:22 Revision 100:22969121e9a8: Added tag for version 0.2.
David Martínez Moreno
19:28 Improvement #24 (Closed): Help buttons
We need to add help/info buttons for each field in the gatherDialog, otherwise most of them are too obscure.
I wil...
Hugo Teso Torío
12:38 Revision 99:292d45f3bf8e: First Sofian commits to Google Code
Hugo Teso Torío
12:03 Improvement #12: "Execute" exploits
I tried but... I found no easy way to open a VTE terminal and just change to a new directory O_o
Look at "exploits...
Hugo Teso Torío
11:58 Improvement #23 (New): Kill modules (threads)
At the bottom of "" there is the function "on_treeview_button_press_event"; I planed to use it to kill mo... Hugo Teso Torío
11:55 Improvement #22 (New): Save and recover output
Some users told me that they want to be able to recover the output of the modules by right clicking on the executed m... Hugo Teso Torío
11:53 Improvement #21 (Closed): Modules output
People don't like to have the output of each module on a new window :( We have to think a better way and apply it. Hugo Teso Torío
11:51 Improvement #20 (New): Improve port scanners
We have to improve port scanning modules; TCP Connect must be multi-thread and SYN, ACK and others scapy based, fixed. Hugo Teso Torío
11:12 Revision 98:e8c2d9f189f9: Added autofill on targetDialog
Sorted hosts list on targetDialog combo Hugo Teso Torío


23:02 Revision 97:60ec63ad6c69: Added Autosave feature.
Saves on every module execution.
Removes after manual save.
Hugo Teso Torío
23:01 Revision 96:e9e39589f44c: Increased input text size.
Minor code cleanup. Hugo Teso Torío
10:14 Revision 95:08dcaf8860e3: Last minute cleanup and refactoring
Hugo Teso Torío


16:13 Improvement #11 (Closed): Some refactoring and clean up
Not yet completely refactored but enough for this release. Hugo Teso Torío
16:12 Improvement #10 (Closed): Logo and Splash images
Not the fanciest one but at least better than the old one :P The logo will have to wait... Hugo Teso Torío
16:04 Revision 94:86f4ba5a2c7c: Dis DB cleanup
Keeping crackme0x05 as sample Hugo Teso Torío
15:41 Revision 93:261a019e2198: Removed old radare based tools
Removed radare library Hugo Teso Torío
15:16 Revision 92:ebba73042109: First pre-release clean up
Splash screen updated Hugo Teso Torío


22:57 Revision 91:977d8fccdda1: Bug fixed in dotgen regarding duplicated edges.
Hugo Teso Torío
19:19 Improvement #9 (Closed): Update to latest scapy
Hugo Teso Torío
19:18 Improvement #9 (Resolved): Update to latest scapy
This will have to be done for every release. Updated. Hugo Teso Torío
19:17 Improvement #12 (In Progress): "Execute" exploits
Added all necesary code but unable to execute "cd /path/to/exploit" in the fucking VTE... grrrr Hugo Teso Torío
19:15 Improvement #6 (Closed): Migrate to new nmap parsing library
Modified the module and removed old libraries. Hugo Teso Torío
19:13 Revision 90:a7784874e52c: CNmapScan now uses it's own nmap parsing library
Removed old nmap parsing libraries
First attempt to add "open exploit in terminal" functionality.
Hugo Teso Torío

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