This is the project website of Inguma, a penetration testing and vulnerability research toolkit. Here you will find documentation, links, notes about the project, news, etc...


Inguma is a penetration testing toolkit entirely written in python. The framework includes modules to discover hosts, gather information about, fuzz targets, brute force user names and passwords and, of course, exploits.

While the current exploitation capabilities in Inguma may be limited, this program provides numerous tools for information gathering and target auditing. Inguma is still being heavily developed so be sure to stay current and check back for news and updates.


Getting Started describes how to download, install and run Inguma.

The full documentation can be found on the Wiki, but if you prefer to just start playing here you have Console and GUI quick start guides.

For more information or answer your questions visit our Contact wiki page.

Issue tracking

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Manager: David Martínez Moreno, Hugo Teso Torío

Advanced developer: Mario Vilas

Developer: Javier Sánchez Llera

Reporter: Sebastien Damaye

Latest news

Inguma site on SSL
It was about finally the site is on SSL. Enjoy your privacy while browsing it!
Added by David Martínez Moreno almost 4 years ago

Inguma 0.4 out of the door!
After three months of development, our first scheduled release is hot and waiting for you to test it.
Added by David Martínez Moreno over 6 years ago

New Inguma 0.3 released! (4 comments)
Finally we have released the new version of the Inguma project
Added by Hugo Teso Torío almost 7 years ago

Mailing lists, at last!
We finally have proper mailing lists for announce and development. Go to and subscribe!
Added by David Martínez Moreno almost 7 years ago

New developer in Inguma
Sofian has joined today to the Inguma team and he started by fixing UI bugs as soon as he got access to Mercurial.
Added by David Martínez Moreno about 7 years ago

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