Runnning Bokken

If you already have Bokken and all its dependencies installed then it's time to start using it. Depending on the platform you are using, the scripts to launch Bokken will differ but, for both platforms, you can choose to launch them with or without parameters.

Valid parameters are:

  • With either Radare or Pyew:

Any other file will be opened but not analyzed.


If you are a Linux user, the command to start Bokken is the 'bokken' bash script. Just launch it from the terminal or double click on the script if you are on a graphical file browser:


./bokken path/to/file

The backend to use by default can be specified also:

To use Radare backend:

./bokken -r

To use Pyew backend:

./bokken -p


For Windows users the process is almost the same as in Linux. The file you must launch is 'bokken.bat' but, before launching it, review and edit its contents to adapt them to your installation:

echo Modify this script for you
python.exe c:\Program files\bokken\

You can also start the script with the same parameters shown in the Linux section above.