Plain text files

Bokken can also be used to work with plain text files, although without editing capabilities (WIP).

When working with a plain text file, Bokken will try to detect the type of file and load the appropiate syntax highlight; it will also remove the left panel so the right panel with the text takes the full screen size.


The remaining Hexdump, String repr and Strings views are still available as well as the diferent color themes and all the plugins.

Unsuported binary files

Any not plain text file, not analyzed targtes opened with radare backend, and not supported by Bokken will be opened directly with the hexdump view, without left panel and with both String related views available.


bokken-plain.png View (105 KB) Hugo Teso Torío, 28/11/2011 15:35

bokken-hexdump.png View (161 KB) Hugo Teso Torío, 28/11/2011 16:28