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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Severity
230BugClosedNormalExtended sections information dialog allows to click in the background.David Martínez Moreno23/01/2015 00:10Normal
229BugClosedHighContextual menu in disasm not working.David Martínez Moreno26/06/2014 18:50Serious
228BugClosedHighXrefs in graph view doesn't workDavid Martínez Moreno26/06/2014 18:50Serious
227BugClosedHighGraphviz dependency checkHugo Teso Torío22/01/2015 17:41Normal
226BugClosedNormalMoving with keyboard in function tree doesn't trigger any actions.David Martínez Moreno17/06/2014 05:11Normal
211BugClosedNormalUpdate pyew API to 2.2.David Martínez Moreno29/05/2015 01:27Normal
210BugClosedHighUpdate pyew to 2.2.David Martínez Moreno29/05/2015 01:25Normal
132BugClosedLowMinor fixesVladimir Martyanov13/02/2015 20:10Minor
131BugClosedNormalException in FileDialog when no file was selectedDavid Martínez Moreno13/02/2015 20:10Normal
121BugClosedNormalget_imports() in radare core depends on get_elf_imports() being run before.Hugo Teso Torío13/02/2015 20:10Normal
109BugClosedNormalMain window does not have focus and Ctrl-Q doesn't work.David Martínez Moreno15/01/2012 13:42Normal
108BugClosedNormalError by console when opening a second file inside Bokken.Hugo Teso Torío13/02/2015 20:10Normal
105BugClosedNormalBindiffing feature doesn't work because a method of Gtk dialogs is being overwritten with an integerHugo Teso Torío19/12/2011 17:28Normal
104BugClosedNormalError when loading a new file switching the backend from Pyew to RadareHugo Teso Torío19/12/2011 17:26Normal
103BugClosedNormalFlowgraph bugs (missing links, shows wrong function)Stefan Bühler17/06/2014 05:13Serious
102BugClosedNormalGraph not generatedDavid Martínez Moreno14/01/2012 16:17Normal
99BugClosedHighClean VA usageHugo Teso Torío18/11/2011 16:25Serious
98BugClosedNormalToo many open files after creating several graphs.Hugo Teso Torío13/02/2015 20:10Normal
89BugClosedLowErrors when using calculator.Hugo Teso Torío26/10/2011 16:20Normal
88BugClosedNormalFix search with radare backendHugo Teso Torío25/10/2011 16:11Normal
87BugClosedNormalFix code navigation without VAHugo Teso Torío25/10/2011 17:00Normal
86BugClosedNormalImprove sections_bar drawingHugo Teso Torío21/10/2011 16:33Normal
85BugClosedHighFix file open from inside Bokken.Hugo Teso Torío14/11/2011 12:42Normal
83BugClosedNormalTest and fix bokken in WindowsHugo Teso Torío07/12/2011 21:13Normal
82BugClosedNormalAdd RCE cheat-sheetHugo Teso Torío17/11/2011 01:19Normal
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