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245FeatureNewNormalBokken "new version available" David Martínez Moreno11/06/2015 13:24Normal2.0
244ImprovementNewNormalCondense search type and textbox into just one element.David Martínez Moreno10/06/2015 09:33Minor2.0
243BugNewNormalAdd r2 offensive capabilitiesHugo Teso Torío29/05/2015 13:31Normal2.0
242ImprovementNewNormalImprove opcode referenceHugo Teso Torío26/05/2015 18:14Normal2.0
241ImprovementNewNormalMigrate xdot graph logic to HTML5 canvas technology.David Martínez Moreno15/05/2015 18:05Normal2.0
240ImprovementNewNormalMigrate PyGTK code to GTK+3.Hugo Teso Torío15/05/2015 18:05Normal2.0
239ImprovementNewNormalMove File info tab to a pop-up in the status bar.13/05/2015 21:19Normal2.0
231FeatureNewNormalMake preferences last between sessions.David Martínez Moreno05/05/2015 15:17Normal2.0
221FeatureNewLowAdd ARM cheat sheet.Hugo Teso Torío28/08/2013 19:31Normal2.0
220FeatureNewNormalFix mach0 support.David Martínez Moreno28/08/2013 19:29Normal2.0
219FeatureNewNormalSupport Z80 ASM.David Martínez Moreno28/08/2013 19:27Normal2.0
215FeatureNewNormalShow cyclomatic complexity of functions.David Martínez Moreno28/08/2013 19:21Normal2.0
214FeatureNewNormalConvert UI to slate view.Hugo Teso Torío28/08/2013 18:54Normal2.0
182BugIn ProgressNormalBindiffing code path is enabled even when radare2 bindings are not present.Hugo Teso Torío13/02/2015 20:09Normal2.0
129BugFeedbackLowWindow "No backend engines found!" will not appear if there is no enginesVladimir Martyanov05/11/2012 13:04Minor2.0
120BugNewNormalFix API for get_text_dasm().Hugo Teso Torío04/06/2012 10:36Normal2.0
119BugNewNormalLock access to get_() methods in core objects.Hugo Teso Torío28/08/2013 19:38Normal2.0
106BugIn ProgressNormal"Visualize binary" not working due to a type errorDavid Martínez Moreno23/06/2014 17:11Normal2.0
57FeatureIn ProgressNormalsimplify installation and update processHugo Teso Torío04/10/2012 07:04Normal2.0
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232BugNewNormalSeek arrows should grey out as you move through the history back and forth.11/02/2015 19:36Normal
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225ImprovementNewNormalStop showing normal output by console unless debugging.David Martínez Moreno09/01/2014 09:19MinorOpen Backlog
217BugIn ProgressNormalFix loading .o and .ko.Hugo Teso Torío23/01/2015 16:18NormalOpen Backlog
92ImprovementNewLowGather directory of samples for estimation of disassembly time.Hugo Teso Torío27/08/2013 23:59MinorOpen Backlog

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