From 05/05/2015 to 03/06/2015


22:34 Bokken 1.7 has been released.
Last 5th of May we released Bokken 1.7, a minor release that anyway packed a bunch of new features in radare land and... David Martínez Moreno
22:21 Improvement #244 (New): Condense search type and textbox into just one element.
Instead of having a selector to get the type of search (hex, regex, etc.) and then the search box with a magnifying g... David Martínez Moreno


19:57 Revision 438:2bfd1e91c87f: Small improvements
Hugo Teso


13:31 Bug #243 (New): Add r2 offensive capabilities
Radare2 has some offensive capabilities helpers, it would be nice to add them to Bokken.
More information:
* ht...
Hugo Teso Torío
10:30 Revision 437:4f35ac82b6cb: Fixed console for hexdump mode
Hugo Teso


01:24 Feature #238 (In Progress): Replace Interactive mode tab with a r2 console.
This needs more love. Just casual testing causes breakage:
If I try '&', I see in my terminal:
|ERROR| Invalid...
David Martínez Moreno
12:56 Improvement #213 (Closed): Remove web analysis capabilities.
Ready! Achieved at revision r436. Some code may remain but it will be remove as we see it. Hugo Teso Torío
12:54 Improvement #236 (Closed): Remove pyew from core & interface.
Done! It took time and many commits but was finally achieved at r436 \o/
Some small parts of code may remain, and ...
Hugo Teso Torío
12:50 Revision 436:28bb6b349e63: Removed almost all pyew code from bokken.
Hugo Teso
12:20 Revision 435:5f6bb51e0443: Removed pyew code from rightnotebook
Hugo Teso
11:51 Revision 434:e9aba7b3237a: Removed pyew code from texviews, strings and sections
Hugo Teso
11:10 Revision 433:9f1fc7ef46f1: Removed pyew code from hexdump view
Hugo Teso
11:07 Revision 432:ccff538c365c: Removed pyew code from right_textview
Hugo Teso
11:02 Revision 431:f307a877865c: Cleaned treeviews of pyew related code
Hugo Teso
10:56 Revision 430:7d4adc306f10: Removed URL and pyew code from left buttons
Hugo Teso


17:30 Revision 429:a826994f83fa: Forgot that one
Hugo Teso
17:05 Revision 428:30b030fa66f9: Fixed options when no analysis is selected
Hugo Teso
16:48 Revision 427:7e00a3ba55d5: More changes on to remove pyew
Hugo Teso
16:17 Revision 426:50b4846c6703: First steps to remove pyew from
Hugo Teso
12:12 Revision 425:5623b1eaae6e: Removed pyew from file_dialog
Hugo Teso
10:43 Revision 424:65e3ba6fa0c9: Removed pyew from bokken launch script
Hugo Teso
10:35 Revision 423:d2acb56ea725: Removed pyew and URL related dependency checks
Hugo Teso
10:06 Revision 422:2e4a4b49ae8c: Fix output at start up time, clean up radare_core and start a base cla...
David Martínez Moreno


18:14 Improvement #242 (New): Improve opcode reference
Improve opcode reference using the data from this project:
Idea: instead of s...
Hugo Teso Torío


16:37 Revision 421:5e63448608c0: Fixed show/hide toolbar
I have no idea when it was broken... Hugo Teso


10:54 Revision 420:86d561c5c73e: Added startup messages in console
Added function to send messages to console Hugo Teso
10:39 Revision 419:f88012f7b80c: Added new bottom console panel
Hugo Teso


10:11 Improvement #213: Remove web analysis capabilities.
Related to pyew core, if we remove Pyew for the 1.8 web stuff should follow Hugo Teso Torío
10:08 Revision 418:fb0e0d93f284: Updated version number to 1.8-dev
Changed some column names Hugo Teso


18:29 Revision 417:bceeca42010f: Morphed old left sections into relocs panel
Hugo Teso
17:52 Revision 416:fea997e95464: Added sections in a new right tab
Matched functionality and design of the left one Hugo Teso
13:53 Revision 415:a3ef23286a1f: Morphed strings view to TreeView
Hugo Teso
11:20 Revision 414:e098504ae7d2: Removed duplicated data from file info tab
Left the binary info and the entry points Hugo Teso


17:23 Revision 413:fcb291904ba1: Remove interactive tab and, hopefully, all the related core functions.
If not, well... ender go ahead! xD Hugo Teso


00:36 Improvement #237 (Closed): Remove strings representation tab from interface.
Applied in changeset commit:de8f0ae926a4. Anonymous
00:22 Improvement #237 (In Progress): Remove strings representation tab from interface.
This is still not closed, sorry. There are primitives in the cores and some references in other places of Bokken to ... David Martínez Moreno
18:32 Improvement #237 (Closed): Remove strings representation tab from interface.
Done with commit r411 Hugo Teso Torío
00:33 Revision 412:de8f0ae926a4: Remove get_repr and related properties from cores and other places (cl...
David Martínez Moreno
18:29 Revision 411:120ec9e03d0c: Bye bye string repr tab
I was nice, but you were useless Hugo Teso
13:45 Revision 410:ec8874be03a3: Changed website in About dialog
Moved from PIL to Pillow for graph preview Hugo Teso


21:26 Improvement #241 (New): Migrate xdot graph logic to HTML5 canvas technology.
Use modern JS libraries like D3 to have proper visualization of file graphs. David Martínez Moreno
21:25 Improvement #240 (New): Migrate PyGTK code to GTK+3.
PyGTK hasn't seen a release in years. The migration to GTK+3 introspection gives us plenty of advantages:
* Very ...
David Martínez Moreno
21:19 Improvement #239 (New): Move File info tab to a pop-up in the status bar.
Most of the File info stuff is already present in other areas of Bokken, like the left-hand sections or the status ba... David Martínez Moreno
21:17 Feature #238 (Closed): Replace Interactive mode tab with a r2 console.
The actual Interactive mode is pretty useless, so replace that with a visual radare2 console. David Martínez Moreno
08:22 Improvement #237 (Closed): Remove strings representation tab from interface.
The actual Strings repr tab is mostly useless. Nuke it for good. David Martínez Moreno
08:21 Improvement #236 (Closed): Remove pyew from core & interface.
Pyew is, for now, a real problem because of its dependencies. Also it's moving way slower than radare, so we will fo... David Martínez Moreno


23:31 Revision 409:ba23c134e6c3: Removed FreeCode text (it's deprecated) and add the push to GH and BB.
David Martínez Moreno


11:35 Revision 408:08fd9bbc3d7f: Small fix in interactive tab
Hugo Teso
11:24 Revision 407:9e38e4d6f842: Fixed file info with latest radare2 version (git)
Hugo Teso


Hugo Teso Torío
12:30 bokken-1.7.tar.gz
Hugo Teso Torío
12:22 Revision 406:c0a3d822b817: Tagged 1.7 release.
Hugo Teso

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