From 26/05/2014 to 24/06/2014


19:38 New mirror repos for Bokken in Github and Bitbucket.
By popular demand, we have added two mirrors to our Mercurial Bokken repository:
David Martínez Moreno


20:09 Bug #229: Contextual menu in disasm not working.
Hugo Teso Torío wrote:
> The same as #227 but affecting the disassembler contextual menu. This menu also depends on...
Hugo Teso Torío
20:08 Bug #229 (Closed): Contextual menu in disasm not working.
The same as #227 but affecting the disassembler contextual menu. This menu also depends on the function that you are... Hugo Teso Torío
19:30 Bug #228 (Closed): Xrefs in graph view doesn't work
Right-click on the graph view of a function should show a popup menu with the X-Refs In and Out of that function. It ... Hugo Teso Torío
19:22 Bug #227 (Closed): Graphviz dependency check
Graphviz is mandatory to run bokken with both engines and the dependency check is not checking for it.
This check ...
Hugo Teso Torío
17:33 Revision 369:c1f278002a94: Dig a grave and throw myself. Add a bit of code for non-numeric versi...
David Martínez Moreno
17:11 Feature #216 (Closed): Support 16-bit disassembly.
Applied in changeset commit:127a74a10288. Anonymous
17:10 Revision 368:127a74a10288: Added feature to force disassembly in 16-bit for x86 binaries (closes ...
David Martínez Moreno
02:35 Feature #218 (Closed): Allow starting address for disassembly.
Applied in changeset commit:a0ca5d0e69d8. Anonymous


12:19 Revision 367:a0ca5d0e69d8: Added support for changing the base address in the radare analysis (cl...
Removed a bunch of debug print()'s. David Martínez Moreno


01:27 Revision 366:9c8bec67703e: Change get_version() into an attribute 'version' in both cores.
Make real and easy to use version_gt/lt/ge/le functions to be able to compare version strings.
Remove a bunch of stra...
David Martínez Moreno


13:22 Revision 365:4cf6d3870283: Fixed some filed names to work with latest r2
Hugo Teso
13:17 Revision 364:05904eaa83a3: Updated xdot to the last version to fix crashes.
Hugo Teso
05:13 Bug #103 (Closed): Flowgraph bugs (missing links, shows wrong function)
4 months of radio silence. Closing. David Martínez Moreno
05:11 Bug #226 (Closed): Moving with keyboard in function tree doesn't trigger any actions.
Closed in r363 (Added the feature to make a selection on the left-hand treeviews with the arrows as well, just by pre... David Martínez Moreno
04:57 Revision 363:3ec72e158210: Added the feature to make a selection on the left-hand treeviews with ...
David Martínez Moreno
04:01 Revision 362:1ba4e3ed036a: In radare 0.9.6 even with clean output sometimes you get an ANSI code....
David Martínez Moreno
03:05 Revision 361:a92cac54baea: Added useful intermediate debug functions to radare core to be able to...
David Martínez Moreno


16:41 Feature #212 (Closed): Show radare/pyew version that we are using and impose a limit on minimum v...
Applied in changeset commit:0b2c8d35fb02. Anonymous
16:38 Revision 360:0b2c8d35fb02: Added version check for radare and pyew (closes #212). Removed the glo...
Also made datafile_path() simpler. David Martínez Moreno
13:13 Revision 359:734d39493d93: Removed the horrible coloring code for console messages and abstracted...
David Martínez Moreno
04:23 Revision 358:c3ba29df0a64: Add a basic basic skeleton for a prospective QT interface. We'll see ...
David Martínez Moreno

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