Welcome to the Bokken's project site, a GUI for the Pyew malware analysis tool and Radare the reverse engineering framework. Bokken is also the RCE tool of the Inguma project.


Bokken is a GUI for the Pyew and Radare projects so it offers almost all the same features that Pyew has and and some of the Radare's ones. It's intended to be a basic disassembler, mainly, to analyze malware and vulnerabilities.

Currently Bokken is neither an hexadecimal editor nor a full featured disassembler YET, so it should not be used for deep code analysis or to try to modify files with it.



  • At the Installation wiki page you can find all the necessary information to set up Bokken for both supported platforms, Linux and Windows.
  • The GUI changes slightly depending on the target, here you have a wiki entry for each of them (with the corresponding screenshots):
    • PE/ELF files can be analyzed in hexadecimal and disassembly formats and further information can be gained with the plugins.
    • Web sites can also be analyzed for malware or security issues.
    • PDF files are supported and some features can aid in its examination for malicious code.
    • Finally all other files can be studied whether they are in binary or plain text format.
  • If you wish to help, go to the development wiki to get started

For any doubt or question about the project visit the Contact page.

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Manager: David Martínez Moreno, Hugo Teso Torío

Advanced developer: Sergi Álvarez

Developer: Sergi Álvarez

Latest news

Bokken 1.8 has been released.
One month after releasing 1.7, and coinciding with radare 0.9.9, we are releasing Bokken 1.8 with an updated interface.
Added by David Martínez Moreno about 2 years ago

Bokken 1.7 has been released.
Last 5th of May we released Bokken 1.7, a minor release that anyway packed a bunch of new features in radare land and the interface itself. Feel free to read it at
Added by David Martínez Moreno about 2 years ago

New mirror repos for Bokken in Github and Bitbucket.
If you think that you are addicted to Github or BitBucket's pull request systems, feel free to send them to us through them! We have a new set of mirrors that will benefit from your contributions.
Added by David Martínez Moreno almost 3 years ago

Bokken point release 1.6, Debian private repository
A month and a half after Bokken 1.5 we release Bokken 1.6 as a bugfix release, and we also offer for the first time a signed APT repository for Debian derivatives. See the blog post and spread the word!
Added by David Martínez Moreno over 5 years ago

Bokken 1.5 Debian/Ubuntu packages ready.
The packages for Debian/Ubuntu are ready and uploaded to Debian and Redmine.
Added by David Martínez Moreno over 5 years ago

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