• Bokken

    Welcome to the Bokken's project site, a GUI for the Pyew malware analysis tool and Radare the reverse engineering framework. Bokken is also the RCE tool of the Inguma project....

  • Inguma

    This is the project website of Inguma, a penetration testing and vulnerability research toolkit. Here you will find documentation, links, notes about the project, news, etc...


    Inguma is a penetration testing toolkit entirely written in python. The framework includes modules to discover hosts, gather information about, fuzz targets, brute force user names and passwords and, of course, exploits....

  • Koala

    Koala is a monitoring and statistical framework for Unix systems.

  • Shellgen

    Shellcode generation library in Python.

  • TCPDF Debian packaging

    This is the TCPDF packaging for Debian.

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