Bokken point release 1.6, Debian private repository

A month and a half after Bokken 1.5 we release Bokken 1.6 as a bugfix release, and we also offer for the first time a signed APT repository for Debian derivatives. See the blog post and spread the word!
Added by David Martínez Moreno over 5 years ago

Bokken 1.6 is a bugfix release of Bokken 1.5. Here you can read the blog post!

We have fixed some crashes in Linux and Windows and some other bugs, together with a redesign of the menu bar. The list of main changes follows:

  • Fixed vulnerability for symlink attack in /tmp (Debian bug #651931).
  • Replaced top menu bar with a button. This will also ease integration of Bokken in Inguma.
  • Fixed some usability bugs that we found in the previous release.
  • Fixed some crashes both in Linux and Windows 7.
  • Made Bokken more stable when running in a system-wide installation like a
    standard Debian package.

We have also a signed APT repository for those of you that want to stay in the bleeding edge and have proper packages. Please refer to the blog post or the wiki page for further instructions.